Voices in my head


Voices in my headis a collection of 33 poems divided into 3 parts: Yes, No and What If.

It explores the multiplicity and cacophony of voices we have in all of us. What we want, what we think we want, and what we actually want. Like the collection, the Self is also governed by three stimulus: the body (our desired wants), the mind (our rationalised wants) and the heart (our unfulfilled wants). Accompanied by art designs to further paint the voices, it is also a collaborative work with abstract artist, Skye Ak.

Selected thoughts:

“Read your book. Mindblowingly awesome. So much heart and soul, its amazing. Thank you for writing this great book.” – Khalid Supandi

“There is something about your words imprinted on plain paper. Your words are not just words but quite obviously, poignant felt with the heart. Your artful way of transferring your own thoughts to the reader’s intuitive mind is beyond what brilliance encapsulates. When your words flowed with such fluidity and sunk in my soul, I knew there and then this was a book I couldn’t bear to end. I am ever so glad I bought this book.” – Mel Teo

For Purchase Now

Available at selected bookstores.

Alternatively,  do drop an email at or Whatsapp/Telegram +65 97882105 for purchasing enquiries.

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