Acting Credits

Year 2021

There Are Saga Seeds In Our Pockets
  • Digital performance adapted from a popular children’s book of the same title
  • Directed by Dalifah Shahril for Pesta Raya 2021, organised by Esplanade Theatre
Tepuk Amai-Amai
  • Children’s Theatre piece performed during the times of pandemic
  • Directed by Cultural Medallion recipient, Atin Amat
Where Are You?
Wan Belantara: Enjet-Enjet Semut

Year 2020

Not My Mother’s Baking
Cik Hassan
  • Music Video for Singapore’s Malay Pop Ye Ye band, El Bonekas
  • Link to Music Video: Cik Hassan (2020)

Year 2018

Cerita Cinta
  • Directed by Noor Effendy Ibrahim
  • Contains heavy, mature themes such as domestic violence and child abuse
  • Review by Bakchormeeboy: Cerita Cinta – 5th November 2018
  • Review by dumBriyani: SAYA TAK SIHAT! – 6th November 2018
  • (“I never understood why, but then, the psyche of survivors are difficult to comprehend. Zaki was the textbook example of a child so moulded and shaped by trauma, he seemed to be low functioning, he seemed to have cognitive difficulties, his development so stunted by fear.”)
  • Link to Full Show: Cerita Cinta (Love Story) 2 Nov 2018
Nam Hwa Opera’s ‘Persecuting The Husband’
  • A Teochew Opera performance
  • Performed in a comic jester role
An Anatomy of a Heartbreak
  • A movement, site-specific piece held at ArtScience Museum, part of ArtScience Late
  • Characters inspired by Speak Cryptic‘s visual arts
  • Performative movement piece on the 7 stages of grief
  • Link to Performance: An Anatomy of a Heartbreak

Year 2017

  • Went for an intensive 2-weeks Balitaksu Actors’ Training programme in Bali, Indonesia learning Western clowning and Balinese masks work
  • Performed an excerpt of Sarah Kane’s ‘Blasted’ as Ian
Ollie & Friends (Season 4)
  • Mascot Actor for Ollie character (lead role)
  • Worked on over 36 dance/movement items in mascot and 30 scripted episodes16707039_1527033033991729_729121220_n16651923_1527033030658396_2097632462_n

Year 2016

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Mascots
Club Malam: The Tribe
  • A movement, site-specific piece held at Old Kallang Airport, for SIFA O.P.E.N. 13645309_1308737085821326_3135913599607593416_n
Beijing Opera
  • Went for an intensive 3-weeks Beijing Opera training with Shanghai Theatre Academy in Shanghai, China
  • Performed a Beijing Opera version of August Strindberg’s ‘Miss Julie’ as Jean13626417_1308736612488040_1754317528319530278_n

Year 2015

Mending The Broken Heart
  • Part of the Ensemble on a production centered on cancer patients and caregiver11054283_10152864459201817_3403857660565649268_o

Year 2013

Traffic Jam
  • Garnered positive review by for lead performance
  • “The standout of the night was undoubtedly the performance of Al Hafiz Sanusi who played the lead role of Y, portraying the various obstacles and barriers he faced as he grew up.” (Alethea Tan, 15 Oct 2013)
  • Traffic Jam-2013

Year 2012

Mama Looking For Her Cat
  • Part of the Ensemble in Paper Monkey’s production
  • 579710_409218469143958_1874940826_n
Flower Nymphs
  • A roving movement and site-specific piece by Cake Theatre540894_10151044742066368_456526171_n

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