Writing Credits

Year 2022

  • Contributed a poem ‘after Bak died’ to an online anthology for issue 2022.05
  • after Bak died
  • “I  really liked this piece because it was a very moving take on the prompt (which was about clothing/fashion). I love the subtlety and the excavation of meaning and significance in everyday objects (in this case, clothes) and how the poet was able to weave a story from the clothing items and draw the reader into his world. I also really love how tender it is and the occasional humour in its repetition. I am also a fan of the way it engages with grief, longing and family legacy.” (Stephanie Dogfoot, 2022)

Year 2021

  • Contributed a poem ‘Lorry’ to an online anthology for issue 2021.01
  • Lorry
  • Mentioned in the Poetry Note entitled ‘The Politics of Poetry and the Poetry of Politics’ by Daryl Lim Wei Jie
  • “I was particularly moved by Al Hafiz Sanusi’s “Lorry”, which speaks for someone not spoken for in the national conversation about migrant worker transport – not the migrant workers who are still ferried around in lorries, but the complicated position of their drivers, one of whom happens to be the poet’s father.” (Daryl Lim Wei Jie, 2021)
Atelier Of Healing
  • An international poetry online anthology that deals on the matter of dealing with and healing grief and transforming pain into something of beauty
  • Contributed a poem ‘0600’
  • 0600
To Let The Light In
  • A poetry anthology by Sing Lit Station that aims to increase awareness & appreciation for palliative care
  • Contributed a poem ‘Rendang Recipe’

Year 2020

Home is (Not) Here
  • An international poetry online anthology that addresses the dynamics of home and housing in the times of the pandemic
  • Contributed a poem ‘Apple Tree’
  • Apple Tree
  • Contributed a poem ‘Rendang Recipe’ to an online anthology for issue 2020.01
  • Rendang Recipe
Poetry Tapesty
  • Performed a spoken word poem ‘My Son, Sazali’
  • Organised by Singapore’s InterFaith Youth Circle highlighting texts of faith
  • My Son, Sazali

Year 2017

Toy Factory’s The Wright Stuff playwriting mentorship
National Library’s ‘PressPlay Narrative Frames’

Year 2016

Pop-Up Noise: Soul Searching
  • A site-specific collaboration with other performing and visual artists for a week-long community art event
  • Held at Kreta Ayer Square, Chinatown Singapore
  • Collaborator for an immersive and interactive art performance
  • Was featured in several local newspapers including Business Times and Berita Harian
  • Performer Hafiz will take small groups of participants on a storytelling hunt at night.” (Cheah Ui-Hoon, 14 Oct 2016)
  • Business Times preview- Project Chinatown
  • Berita Harian profile (in Malay)
Club Malam: The Tribe
  • Poem used for the opening of the movement, site-specific piece held at Old Kallang Airport, for SIFA O.P.E.N. 2016
  • Bila Malam Tiba
Eunoia Online Publications

Year 2015

British Council Singapore
The Importance Of Remembering Competition
  • Won 1st Place for ‘2065’
  • Competition organised by Writing The City, in conjunction with International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Year 2013

TheatreWorks 24-Hr Playwriting Competition
  • ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ shortlisted for Top 8
Petua Books
  • Contributed ‘Go To Hell’ to this anthology
NUS Creative Writing Competition
  • Won 3rd Place for ‘If The World Doesn’t End in 2012..’
  • Year 2013

Year 2012

The Flying Inkpot Review
  • Garnered positive reviews for a self-written and directed play
  • The piece I’m most impressed by is Confessions, written and directed by Al Hafiz Sanusi. It’s rather more ambitious than the others: it’s a confrontation between a eulogist and a deceased military dictator, leading to a wonderful game of power play as the dictator is forced to strip himself of his pomp and regalia, down to his vulnerable human essence.” (Ng Yi-Sheng, 18 Mar 2012)
  • From Scratch 2012- Confessions

Year 2001

National Anti-Smoking Rap Competition
  • Won Best Performance Award
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