To be a better man

To be a better man
you ought to believe in a God
that you are nothing but a minion
your strings orchestrated by
invisible fingers from the above.
You ought to cover up that void in your heart
with a Surah, a Doa,
make it seem whole and pure
once more.
You ought to pray
in the direction of the Kaaba,
a black box,
with a void in its heart too.
You ought not to be disrespectful
but worship it.
It is not any ordinary structure,
it is a conglomeration of our faith and belief.

To be a better man
you ought to be filial to your parents
give away 50 or a 100 from your paycheck
to your beloved parents.
Any amount of gratification, but not too little
you ought to pay off your debt as their child.
You ought not to raise your voice
and question back
for you do not know right or wrong
for you are only young
forever a child.

To be a better man
you ought to rid yourself of your sins.
You ought not to smoke and not to drink.
You ought not to sleep and not to flirt.
You ought not to do what is not to be done.
You ought not to have a brief romance,
or a slight sensual touch.
You ought to stay clean and pure
even if you’re breaking deep down inside.
You ought to keep your demons at bay
and disguise yourself as an
angel wearing a white songkok and gown
walking down the streets
and don’t forget,
that you ought to smile too.

To be a better man
you ought to have a role model
someone to look up to
because you are always at the bottom
and you need constant motivation.
You ought to look up to our Prophet
for He is the epitome of a great Man.
You ought to look up to our leaders
for they have sacrificed a lot for you.
You ought to look up to your parents
for without them you will not be here.
You ought to be grateful.
You ought to be faithful.

To be a better man
you need to listen and not speak,
You need to think and not dream,
You need to give and not get.
You need to do all that and more.
You ought to
if you want to be a better man.

Published by alhafizsanusi

A small man, living his big childhood dream, not afraid to follow his dreams and give his heart and soul for the love of his art and craft.

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