I am destined for the Hellfire.
I am destined to die,
to be punished for my sins.
There is no salvation for me
no saviour that will
save me.
The only good that I will leave behind
is my absence
that will be filled
and shared
by the existence of another stranger
whom I do not know who
whom I am miraculously connected to
by six degrees of separation
by seven different faces of the same soul.
When my time is near,
I will know.
I will feel it in my bones
my guts will hint at me
my nerves will show.
Apparently, you can know when
Death is coming.
So one is able to prepare how
one wants to die.
Hundred and sixty centimetres tall,
Sixty kilos of dead weight.
I have measured myself
so I can fit into
that cramped hole
that I will share with six, maybe seven,
other strangers whom I do not know
but surely heading the same way that I am.
I have measured myself
so I can be wrapped
A total of three lengths of white cloth
will be used
and my body will be sprayed with the most fragrant scent
from seven different flowers
and be presented as a gift
to my Creator.
I hope He will be proud of me.

I am preparing myself now
Because I know,
I am destined to die.

Published by alhafizsanusi

A small man, living his big childhood dream, not afraid to follow his dreams and give his heart and soul for the love of his art and craft.

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