It starts with…

A crushcouplets of lovey-dovey mush:“I can’t stop thinking of you gerl,You, my one and only world” An infatuationseeing you from a distancehiding behind pillars, ensuring my feetlight as a nimble lionbetter to view you from afar without any resistancejotting down every dimple, every description, every deets.Why are there so many “hair as smooth as silkpro” references inContinue reading “It starts with…”

Hospital Visits

There is nothing you can do,my therapist reminds me, again.Hospital visitsare glorious walksalong tinted viewing walls of life, love and losson displayon white walls and whiter wards.Those who enter for visits oftenscurry outaching for a cigaretteto medicate their troubled thoughts, that thumping in their chest. There is nothing I can dobut remind myself, againyear afterContinue reading “Hospital Visits”


The day will come when you who have helped to build our nationwill finally get to sit backon cushioned seatstoggle the aircon filter to your likingbuckle down the belta protection you once couldn’t afford a given right that this country has left out for you. The day will come when you can gaze out the windowand laze and never haveContinue reading “Lorry”


You are a lot of easter eggsawaiting to be found.Subtly hidden,in your own self-built spy shacklooking out to the world.Will they notice me?Will they find me beneath this thick layer of mossvines outgrowing their parental roots.A mimosa too shy to open uptoo afraid to be touchevery attempt at connectionends with boots trampling down your heart.And soContinue reading “Mimosa”

There are no walls in Jerusalem

There are no walls hereno division between me and the police besidea temple within a homea mosque within pillars of faithno need to search for God outside There are no thieves hereno shiny sequins worth stealing insidea shoe goes missingblessed the thief that needs it moremay he finds his own place to reside There areContinue reading “There are no walls in Jerusalem”

Rendang Recipe

Mak insist she wants to masak, this yearjust like last year. But she can no longer remember the recipe to her beef rendang, her signature dish for Aidilfitri. Food I feasted upongrowing up and tasted each year without fail.  Everything isdifferent now, her hands a little moretender, the taste slightly peculiar, the aromaInviting stillbut her sprinkled seasoning of loveremainsContinue reading “Rendang Recipe”

Apple Tree

You have packed your boxes14 years of memorabiliafrom your cubicle desk in a record timeof 4 hours,scooped into brown boxes and blue IKEA bags. You return to your enclosurewith physical relief,your body heavyclimbing the stairs in the dark,the hallway light is out. You turn your keysand take a peek of what’s to come:Heaps of laundryContinue reading “Apple Tree”

When You Are In Grief

When you are in griefI will not have answers for youNo surprises are in storeNo bowl of cut fruitsNo comforting words. When you come home in the middle of the nightEyes without a shineTears streaming down soundlesslyThe kitchen light will remain on for youA plate of your favourite frittersPreheat in the ovenA cup of chamomileContinue reading “When You Are In Grief”