The Mountain

I looked for you on the mountain today,
I thought I’ll find you there.
The sun rises but it doesn’t fill the void, sometimes 
I close my eyes and feel your hand
in mine. And once again, I went back in time
to the time when we were at the peak 
of what we loved to do
manipulating the moments
feeling the breeze
staring down at the sun.
We, us against the light.

I left you on the mountain today,
I heard courage comes to men at first light
and right on cue, the breeze lifted you up
scattering you in different directions, further 
and farther than I ever can.
You left me behind on the mountain,
leaving traces of trail mix and echoes
of your breath behind.

Published by alhafizsanusi

A small man, living his big childhood dream, not afraid to follow his dreams and give his heart and soul for the love of his art and craft.

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