You are a lot of easter eggsawaiting to be found.Subtly hidden,in your own self-built spy shacklooking out to the world.Will they notice me?Will they find me beneath this thick layer of mossvines outgrowing their parental roots.A mimosa too shy to open uptoo afraid to be touchevery attempt at connectionends with boots trampling down your heart.And soContinue reading “Mimosa”

When death smiles at you

Do you resuscitate a leaf turning yellow? Do you attach it back piece it back, take it to triage? Do you bandage it two rounds left, one round right? Do you opt for a transplant? A transfusion is in order for a photosynthesization to happen for life to happen once more one more season, oneContinue reading “When death smiles at you”


A reconnaissance soldier escapes from his camp. He hates the regimentation. He hates the barbed wires. He journeys northwards, never once looking back. He chances upon a rocky terrain of mountains. He desires to climb and reach for the highest summit. He wants to see the world clearly, from the top. He takes days, andContinue reading “Mountains”