Rebel Poem

This will be the poetrythat will get me in troubleThis will be the poetrythat will get me cancelledThe Straits Times, Mediacorp will take umbragewith what I have to sayArticles will be written about meOpinions will be voiced by many laymen and womenabout my familymy ethnicitymy voicemy modestythe outrage overthe heresythe atrocitythe hypocrisythe guts and theContinue reading “Rebel Poem”

It starts with…

A crushcouplets of lovey-dovey mush:“I can’t stop thinking of you gerl,You, my one and only world” An infatuationseeing you from a distancehiding behind pillars, ensuring my feetlight as a nimble lionbetter to view you from afar without any resistancejotting down every dimple, every description, every deets.Why are there so many “hair as smooth as silkpro” references inContinue reading “It starts with…”