The day will come when you who have helped to build our nationwill finally get to sit backon cushioned seatstoggle the aircon filter to your likingbuckle down the belta protection you once couldn’t afford a given right that this country has left out for you. The day will come when you can gaze out the windowand laze and never haveContinue reading “Lorry”


You are a lot of easter eggsawaiting to be found.Subtly hidden,in your own self-built spy shacklooking out to the world.Will they notice me?Will they find me beneath this thick layer of mossvines outgrowing their parental roots.A mimosa too shy to open uptoo afraid to be touchevery attempt at connectionends with boots trampling down your heart.And soContinue reading “Mimosa”

You still do not care

Pigeons falling down Suffocated to death, yet You still do not care. The sun can’t be seen Bleak future lies ahead, yet You still do not care. A forest destroyed Hectares of lives burnt down, yet You still do not care. He covers his mouth Silent obedience, yet You still do not care. She letsContinue reading “You still do not care”