You still do not care

Pigeons falling down Suffocated to death, yet You still do not care. The sun can’t be seen Bleak future lies ahead, yet You still do not care. A forest destroyed Hectares of lives burnt down, yet You still do not care. He covers his mouth Silent obedience, yet You still do not care. She letsContinue reading “You still do not care”

In Separation

Picture-Perfect Family A Beautiful Portrait Mother, Father, Daughter Yet, no smiles. The child. Makes or breaks, Tragic that it has come to this. The woman. Shows strength in subservience, Gives gift in giving. The man. Masculine only in the mind, For his heart feels for the feminine. The real sufferers are the innocence The innocenceContinue reading “In Separation”

Woman of work

“I was taught since young that love was something you work at. You work at it all your life because that is the greatest work you’ll ever do here on earth.”                                              – ‘Loud Mouth Loving’ From young, I’ve seen you work. I’ve seen you from washing toilets to washing people’s laundry. I’ve seen you gettingContinue reading “Woman of work”